an automated way to build and manage the technologies that drive your business.

We build software that lets you setup & manage computers, networking, point of sale and security systems from the cloud.

Computer Systems & Networking

Zero Servers. Building your business on the cloud lets you get up and running without investing in on-site hardware.
We provide simple automated enterprise solutions that directly meet the needs of your business and scale as you grow.

POS Solutions

Restaurant and Retail Point of Sale systems are rapidly becoming more mobile allowing a greater personal customer experience.
We provide solutions tailored to top POS brands regardless of what type of dining or shopping experience you wish to provide.

Security and Access Control

Your business isnt just on the web. No matter what kind of business you operate, you have assets worth protecting.
On-Premise security cameras and access control solutions protect the things that are most valuable to your business.


Our platform is still under development but we encourage you to check things out and provide feedback, for a better experience.

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Getting Started

After logging in, getting up and running is a simple process.

  • Create a Tenant

    To begin create a Tenant ID. This is used for billing, unique identification and separation of organization data.

  • New or Existing

    Start migrating your existing IT to the cloud or build a new infrastructure from the ground up.

  • Deploy Services

    Select the things that are important to your business and let our automation do the rest.

  • Fall in Love

    Get back to running your business, while we manage your IT.